Dr. Ali Ramezani
Dr. Ali Ramezani, obtained his PhD in Aerospace Engineering-Aerodynamics in 2009 from Sharif University of Technology (Iran).

He worked as researcher in the same university until 2012 and then he moved to Gyeongsang National University (South Korea).

Since 2013 he is a Postdoctoral Fellow at BCAM, and his research interests are focused on numerical methods including: computational fluid dynamics, computational grid generation, moving boundary problems, parallel processing and dynamic load balancing, convergence acceleration techniques such as multi-grid, turbulence modelling, overset grids, heat transfer, finite volumes, finite elements, and finite differences, etc.

Since July 2015 he is involved in a multiphysics project related to the numerical simulation of a new emerging technology in the laser cladding process supported by the company ETXE-TAR.