Amaia Ferro
Director of the Department of BusinessDevelopment and Internationalization of the Chamber of Gipuzkoa.

Managing Director of the company “Promoción Empresarial Guipuzcoana, S.A.U.”

Secretary General of the Energy Supply Chain.

Running the module of “Strategy ofinternationalization” in Deusto Business School (in English).

Running the module of “Strategy” in the MBA Excecutive of Mondragón Unibertsitatea and the Chamber of Gipuzkoa.

Running the module Africa and Middle East in the Master International Business of Mondragón Unibertsitatea.

Training on “Operational in International Trade” in several Organizations and companies.

Training related to areas of internationalization in the Chamber of Gipuzkoa and in several companies.

Training in international markets: Mexico,Turkey, North Africa, Africa, Southeast Asia, among others, in different organizations.