Dr. Aurélien Babarit
Dr. Aurélien Babarit has been the head of the Ocean Waves and Ocean Energy Group at the LHEEA lab since 2012.

He has a PhD in Fluid Dynamics (2005) and a MSc in Mechanical Engineering (2002) from Ecole Centrale De Nantes.

Having been working on the performance of Wave Energy Converters (WECs) for more than 14 years, he is a global expert on the subject.

He is author of 27 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, 4 book chapters and 4 patents.

He has been involved as scientist in charge for Ecole Centrale De Nantes in the Wavetrain2 and MARINA platform European projects.

He is a member of the ITTC Specialist Committee on Marine Renewable Energies and the head of the newly created CNRS affiliated “Groupement de Recherche Energies Marines Renouvelables”.