Dr. Johan Jansson
Dr. Johan Jansson, received his PhD in computational mathematical modelling at Chalmers University in 2006, and is Assistant Professor at KTH since 2014, and Research Line Leader at BCAM since 2012.

His research focus is automated computational mathematical modelling based on the finite element method: mathematical methods, algorithms and massively parallel software implementations with applications in computational mechanics.

He was part of starting the FEniCS open source software project in 2004.

In 2015 he won first prize for best poster at the Bilbao Marine Energy Week.

He is the principal investigator and participant of several academic and industrial projects in Sweden and Spain, for example an EU PRACE Tier-0 supercomputing project based on FEniCS, a Spanish national research project in mathematics for adaptive methods, the EU FP7 EUNISON FET-Open project.